Payment / Shipping
All private individuals, who reside outside Ukraine, can buy postcards in our shop without any restrictions.

Minimal wholesale is 10 pieces. It may be the same or different types of the cards. The order for a less number of postcards cannot be made.

The execution of the orders begins after making payment of accounts. If the payment isn’t made within 3 banking days, the order will be annulated automatically.


For making order in our shop you need to register. Please, complete the registration form attentively and indicate your post address accurately for delivery of order.



Our shop has automatic calculation of payments for delivery of your order. Making your order you should select “Ukrposhta” delivery.

If you are going to order 400 and more postcards, please, divide your order into two parts and make two separate orders.

We have established such a procedure with a view to give ability of the most thrift way of payment for our customers.

Consequently, there cannot be more than 400 postcards in one order.



Payment for orders


At the present time next methods of payment are available:

  • Electronic funds transfer systems (Visa, MasterCard, WebMoney, LiqPay, Liberty Reserv, Perfect Money, Pin-Code)

Electronic funds transfer

  • You should select the “Electronic funds transfer systems” option to make an order.
  • Confirm the order.
  • Click “Move on to payment”.
  • Select the most appropriate transfer system (Visa, MasterCard etc.)
  • Click “To pay” and finish payment process.

After we receive a report that the payment has been made the order moves on to the delivery department.

Packing and Delivery.  Price of delivery.

Price of delivery is based on the “Ukrpochta”’s tariffs and depends on the number of ordered postcards (order’s weight).

Packing and delivery data, which can help you to decide on the number of the postcards in the order, is given below:

Price of packing and shipping abroad:

Ground transportation:
10p. (under 50g) – 3,65$
11-19p.(from 50 to 100g) – 3,94$
20-50p.(from 100to 250g) – 4,9$
51-105p.(from 250 to 500g) – 7,12$
106-185p.(from 500 to 1000g) -10,81$
186-470p.(from 1000 to 2000g) – 17,74$

Air transportation:
10p.  – 4,13$
11-19p. – 4,18$
20-50p. – 6,10$
51-105p. – 9,16$

106-185p. -13,21$
186-470p. – 20,5$

Customer selects air or ground transportation by himself when ordering.

Packing of the production
Order will be packed into an envelope for fragile items “Airpoc” (with air space) or into a standard box for parcels and wrappers. These packages help to deliver our production safe and unhurt to customers.

Delivery of order can be made only by registered mail!