Project “Favourite card” welcomes customers and guests of the

web store!

Here you can find and buy exclusive postcards made by the “Elysium-Style” LLC and postcards of the providing companies of Ukraine.

The aim of creating of the postcards is to give ability to collectors, postcrossers and just devotees to buy inexpensive postcards. Besides, we design and print cards made to order of city administrations. You can see examples of these cards at the site (for example, in the category “Cities of Ukraine”).

Every customer, who orders our postcards and makes payment for, participates in the supporting to gravely ill children charity campaign.

0,02 UAH from the sale of each postcard will be transferred to the account of the International Philanthropic Fund “Against Child's Leukemia”

Postcards presented in the web store have the same size (10smх15sm), ordinary format and printed on a cardboard (270 g/м2); face is laminated with film.

The order cannot be made if the total number of postcards on order is under 10 pieces.

(Minimal wholesale is 10 pieces of the same or different types of the cards). Thereby minimal order in our store is 10 postcards.

There are also presented postcards of providing Ukrainian companies. They also have standard postal format 10x15. If the postcard has another format, this would be mentioned in the title and series of the card. For example: “Happy birthday! RO-001. Double. Euro”.

In category “For collectors” postcards are presented in a single copy. We choose to this category postcards in good condition, with clear overleaf. In the postcards’ titles we mention information about the author and imprint date. Zooming the image you can see the overleaf and estimate the general condition of the item.